Press Release: Fintech Startup Founders Graduate from the Bootcamp

Fintech Startup Accelerator Celebrates its first step for developing 100 iconic fintech startup in Africa with a Bootcamp Graduation.

Fintech startup founders graduate from a Fintech Startup Accelerator bootcamp which is a 21-day long bootcamp and it is part of the 16 week venture studio programme designed for fintech startups on the 31st of January2023 at the Mills, Newtown. It’s been a bumpy road and the fintech startups have completed the first step to build and scale their fintech startups. The 16 fintech startups started their 21-bootcamp on the 9th of January 2023, where they were learning how to build business models, access markets, unpacking opportunities and challenges for Startups within the African Fintech ecosystem, and had a masterclass on what investors are looking for in a fintech startup enterprise, and much more. This bootcamp has help the entrepreneurs to restructure their businesses models and come up with innovative ideas to scale up their fintech enterprises.

The Fintech Startup Accelerator venture studio is playing a vital role in unlocking the potential of the entrepreneurs and building resilient startup ecosystems, where entrepreneurs get resources, tools and the know-how from people who are in the industry and from people who are doing it. The venture studio is committed to building 100 iconic fintech startups in the next five years and the process has started.

The entrepreneurs that will be graduating are part of the first cohort of the programme and this is the first graduation ceremony for the Fintech Startup Accelerator, we are very excited about the graduation because it shows that our hard work as a Startup Business Campus is building a strong Pan African startup ecosystem which is part of our goals as an organisation.

Building a Pan African startup ecosystem requires collaboration and support and we are fortunate to get support from INSETA, an Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority’s an organisation whose primary purpose is to grow the pool and quality of critical and scarce skills within the insurance sector and Entreprenedy an organization that help you develop and digitalize your entrepreneurship support programme and other partners as well. Collaborations means that we are want the same thing, which is economic growth and sustainability through creating employment and building more successful startups.

The entrepreneurs will also be pitching their fintech startups on the day of the graduation ceremony, they will be now putting what they have learnt for 21 days into tangible fintech solutions. The pitching is powered by the eagle’s ring and there will be judges that will judging their pitch decks and give them feedback on what to improve to develop iconic fintech startups. The judges have a banking and insurance sector so they will give relevant feedback on what is happening in the fintech industry.

Fintech Startup Accelerator is giving support to both emerging and existing fintech startups who want to scaleup their enterprises and make their solutions accessible to the market at a global scale.

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