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Digi Aqua​

An innovative water efficiency mobile and web application that connect plumbers with the communities. It grants easy access to plumbing services by providing an online hub of plumbers, where communities can log in and report water related issues and get a plumber who are reputable, of their choice and of close range to the person in need.

Streamz Pay

A peer to peer instant money transfer app, for small to medium businesses and every day people who want to accept digital payments and have the ability to instantly transfer money. Unlike other traditional solutions which charge high transaction fees our application allows for fixed affordable transactional fees.

Asiye Sonke

An application platform that is in place for simplifying the administrative process of funeral parlours, by collecting valuable customers data, premium payments notifications, policy claims and processing to better service their customer service.   


It is a application platform with an electronic wallet, with virtual banking, mPOS (mobile point of sale), automated inventory and financial management capabilities. It helps SMMEs to scale up their businesses especially the unbaked enterprises to have proper financial structure. It assists with administration of payments and business processes by storing their data according.


An application platform designed for students to improve their credit score while studying. A system designed to grants students access to micro loans, give financial education with knowledge of how to create wealth through debt and ensure that the is financial inclusion for all.


Epocker is designed to serve informal businesses. The goal of the platform is to ensure that no business loses out on profits due to non-payment. Additionally, ePocket is a digital wallet that helps consumers buy anything from anywhere at any time, including places like spaza shops and car washes. We specifically designed ePocket to serve the local and informal market, including family and friends. By using the digital wallet, customers can enjoy the convenience of not having to carry cash and reduce their stress about losing it. Best of all, there are no subscription fees for using ePocket.

Fine Trade

 Is a startup dedicated in providing a user-friendly online marketplace platform that connects vendors and buyers from all around the world. The main goal is to create an inclusive community where vendors can easily list and sell their products, and buyers can browse and purchase them with ease. One initiative that the company introduced to ensure that more vendors use the platform is offering competitive commission rates, marketing support, and a large customer base .As a company, we are committed to providing excellent customer support to ensure customer satisfaction. We offer quick response times to inquiries and resolve any disputes or issues that arise between vendors and buyers.

Quantum AI

A digital administrative solution that simplifies the way one store and manage all the business data, including notes, meetings, contacts, and more. The system is designed to be a centralized hub that keeps all the data collectively in one place, eliminating the need to use multiple sites to manage it. The solution is highly secure, ensuring your data is protected at all times, while still being easily accessible for the user.

Bang Capital

A web application platform that aims to digitalize township businesses by providing a centralized online marketplace for buying, selling, and storing money. The platform connects all businesses within the township, creating a digital hub that enables businesses to market their products and services online. The best part is that the platform is free to join, making it accessible to all businesses within the township. Whether you’re a small business or a large one, our online super hub is designed to help individuals and companies to grow their business and reach more customers.


A company with skills marketing platform that connects potential clients with a highly skilled pool of talent. It leverages blockchain technology to create a secure and efficient marketplace that accelerates ideas into the market segment.As a technological enabler for startups and businesses, it provides a solution for those seeking to find the right talent to bring their ideas to life.

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